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Meet Kate Clarkson the Artist

Kate Clarkson was raised in the UK and educated in Switzerland before completing her formal arts degree at Bath University, England. She now lives in Sydney with her husband and three boys and works as a full time artist.

Clarkson’s mastery of composition, contrast and colour conjures up an edible feast for the eyes. Her huge vibrant works explode from the canvas, tantalising the senses, pushing and pulling the viewer in all directions. Her symphony of drama is created with every sweeping brush stroke.

Her lively paintings are awash with the wonderful juxtaposition of melancholic hues and happy splashes. Clarkson enjoys working with oils because of it’s rich, tactile quality, as well as its viscosity, translucence and subtlety of colour.

She has exhibited in Sydney and London and is available to send commissions worldwide. 

Process of Ordering a Commission with Kate

Kate welcomes commissions and will work with you to achieve a certain colour palette or style to suit your desired location. Once the painting is finished you are welcome to try the painting in your home before finalising the purchase. She works very hard to ensure you love your finished paining!  

Kate Clarkson_Abstract 7_edited.jpg
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